Genocide of Christians in Iraq (Published in Eleftheros Typos 1.8.2014)

Genocide of Christians in Iraq

The Islamic State a few weeks ago was declared by Islamist partisans in a part of Iraq, the proclaimed “Caliphate” has already started showing his real face. Target: Christians of Mosul. Christians of Mosul are obliged or to leave the area, or become Muslims or pay heave capitation tax. At their houses it is written with bold color the letter N, meaning “Nazarene”, a name that was given to Christ. If they don’t do any of the three obligations above, the Christians of Mosul, whose case looks like the behavior of the Nazis against the Jews, they are going to death by decapitation. The person, who puts in place this inhuman measure, is the leader of the Islamist rebels Abu Bakr- al-Baghadi, who is being called Ibrahim, ie Abraham. Instead to leave peacefully together in the name of him, it happens the exact opposite: from 1.000.000 that was before the American attack the Christians of Iraq currently numbers about 400.000. The ongoing violence, terror, threats, tortures and murders and persecutions from the Islamists, have to lead to a constant movement. And if until now this fact was not blatantly obvious but was treacherously, today after the proclamation of the “Caliphate” is tantalizingly visible. Christianity becomes the official enemy. The international community has certain uses once again the brave words. And for so long now he didn’t listen the repeated voices of priests and victims, who was shouting about what happening there today. Although the secretary of United Nations Bak-Ki Moon, just announced the whole thing as a “crime” against humanity, but also the European political leaders raise their voice, however, neither the demonstrations nor the press or the literature, seems to be able to change the climate of these inhuman persecution-genocide issued in recent weeks mainly in Mosul. Did any group massacre awoke more sensitivity of the Christian and civilizes world? And this can be best done after the summer holidays, when we have return from our vacations? But I don’t have the right to continue my ironic tone. Things are serious. Before the crimes become world famous, Christians of Mosul suffered by mass murders and terrorism, let’s react; let’s stop this terrible thing that is coming. In the name of ethnic cleansing become the western intervention in Yugoslavia. Let’s find another way to prevent this heralded genocide.