Aug 092014

The American failure in the Middle East 

After the official announcement of the Islamic “Caliphate” inside the official state of Iraq and the weakness of the government of Iraq to disperse the Islamist- Jihadists, it is easy for someone to wonder if the U.S.A. politics the last ten years in Middle East succeed. In the 9th of October at 2002, when John Kerry, the representative of American diplomacy today, senator then, roused the Senate with his belligerent discourse, defending the Iraq war, have advanced the criminal collapse of the Twin Towers in the 11th of September in 2001. This dramatic event got the dimension, in the psychology of Americans, both leadership and citizens, of a collective psychosis, instead of prevailing the dispassionate logic of progressive, which thought that this fact was an individual terrorist act. They followed the logic of new-liberalists, new-preservatives, who lived the Twin Towers attack as the Pearl Harbor syndrome the Second World War. Instead of staying at the tragic human dimension of the event and their very specific geopolitical dimension analyzed it as the kamikaze attack against the American nation. So the psychology which dominated was: the American nation was treated as a person who was insulted, threatened and beaten. And U.S.A. has to answer directly. And their main goal was to beat the opponent definitely. They announced that they are going to disappear all the terrorist organizations from the planet and they declare war on Iraq. At the same time announced their general political plan: expulsion the dictators from Middle East, democratization the countries and finally establishment of lasting peace between Israel and Arabs. Ten years later what they have achieved from their goals? The terrorist outbreaks increased instead of decreased. Syria, Iraq, Libya, the whole Cyrenaica, western Pakistan, north Yemen, northeastern Nigeria, Mali, the desert of Sinai, and Egypt have filled with terrorists cores, who murder innocent civilians and heathens daily, ruthlessly. The democratization of Middle East has failed completely. Because although the dictators was dismissed, like Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Mubarak and etc, but the Islamic terrorist, who took power with no “democratic” sensibilities and sympathies. As for the notorious Israel Arabic peace, it remains and elusive dream that fed out. What comes out of all this? A need for a policy change, because U.S.A. policies the last ten in the Middle East years have failed.

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