Aug 142014

The culture of SYRIZA 

The Thursday evening of 5th August in the Art café of the Municipal in Corfu promised quality: the singer Fiore- Anastasia Metallinou and the pianist Sakis Kontonikolas will interpret a series of songs by famous Greek composers wit subject the sea. This was an event in the context of the protection of nature. The nature was the foundation of the ancient Greek worldview. In his effort to recognize the nature, the human was obliged to be protected from the unexpected physical reactions of nature and in the same time to incent clothes, homes, work tools and anything else, which afterwards was called civilization. The first historical philosopher Thales and the pre-Socratic wanted to explain the world based on natural elements. Thales said that the begging of the world is in water (the water of the sea, the water of the rain, or on the fluid inside of mother’s belly, where the born of a child starts). So the nature acquired to meanings for the people: first, as a space of action, research and creativity and a second meaning, as a tool that contributes to self- awareness. For the modern since Renaissance and after that period the effort to understand and control the nature in order to serve the good for humans became a politico-philosophical aim. Those things and more akin to that, they wanted to through music to praise the evening of the 5th of August. And the audience was come to feel and experience those things. The wonderful dovetail voice of the performer with the sensitivity of the audience was promising a sweet trip in the country of beauty. And what they heard at the beginning of the event? The responsible of the committee citizens in defense of public property in Corfu (this committee was established at the initiative of the recently elected mayor of Corfu who is coming from the party of SYRIZA), which do not want to equate with SYRIZA, denouncing Prime Minister with an unsightly, wooden and particularly harsh language, which refers to revolutionary phraseology. We emphasize that such actions had no place in the style of the event, which had as only purpose to promote the art. Many were shocked and the artists were disturbed for the capping the experienced. Even though the night was beautiful, thanks to the talent of the musicians, however we all got a sample of how SYRIZA manipulates organizations that are independent, of anti-governmental propaganda. Also we understand what culture means to SYRIZA: as a brutal tool of harsh party propaganda. As an enforcement tool of new-Soviet cultural perception. As a tool that digs vampires of former “socialist realism”. Let’s consider seriously, what would happen if one day SYRIZA take power.

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