“The Double War in the Middle East” (published in 21st September in Kyriakatiki Elefterotypia )

“The Double War in the Middle East”

The position of the recent NATO summit in relation to the Islamic state, is clear: There is an agreement between the ten NATO states (USA and the remaining nine having high weapon power and financial strength), to hit the caliphate, because this barbarian monstrosity, is a major threat, requiring the civilized world to act for the good of humanity. This alliance of military strengths are unanimous in becoming “an intervention” with the aim “to destroy the Islamic State,” as it was a few years ago with Al-Qaida. Despite the immediate positive this unanimous decision which responds to the sense of international law of humanity, however I see a contradiction, that perhaps we should make more careful wording of the joint decision. This is why the Al-Qaida in principle was not destroyed. Although, Al – Qaida defeated and dissolved in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but it not defeated as a terrorist ideology and strategy concept, and we find it’ s strong presence and directly active in East Africa, the Sahel and in many other parts of the Arab world, eg. Syria, Iraq or Libya. It is a point solvent for these areas by causing disasters and civil wars. It is said that the power of Al-Qaida’s spread, will miss from the time that wished to become a state-caliphate as earlier have lost in Afghanistan. With continuous buzzing this barbaric construct can be easily cut as government entity, as we saw it start moving again in dispersion. The Al-Qaida that can be defeated only by bombing. Αs necessary are the weapons, jihadist’s terrorism can be defeated only in the mid of the ideology. And the way to do so is not easy. It is long and wants a lot of work. The Arab world is in a crisis of identity. Looking forward to finding a way, between an Islam that will be like ‘yeah the personal faith of each case (democratic Islam) and another Islam, the one of jihadists, where offers mythology, bright conquest historical past and dangerous illusions. Putting the jihadists religion (with the interpretation of give) as a driver of policy decisions, taking advantage the passion of youth and divide the Arabs.So the Arab world fighting on two fronts: the outside (at states) and the inside (Sunnis against Shiites, or rebels against rationalists etc). The most passionate young people attracted by the absolute and totalitarian of the ‘Islamic state’. The input of the “sacred” in the quest for identity of the Arab nation, causing a civil war between national and religious Arabs. For example in Palestinian, Hamas expressing their religious feelings conflict with the PPA (Palestine Liberation Organization) expressing national sentiment. Depending, of course, can be said what happens (always on a smaller scale self-destructive passion) also in Israel where neosionist on controversy enlightenment and reflects the identity issues of the country. Or that similar happens in the Christian World, where the rivalry between theocratic and secular in some cases exacerbated. But in the Jewish and Christian society, the historical maturity has accomplished that internal problems can be solved without bloodshed, at least in our times. This does not happen in the Islamic world. The fanatical jihadists had eliminate any thought for compromise, followers of one “Paleolithic” absolute, are threatening to impose in national Arabs who had shown that they can discuss with “foreign”. And if it’s finally achieved, then the faith and religion by internal forces and spiritual energies will become in externalizing political actions, with the objectives of “ethnic cleansing” and “annihilation” So it is necessary besides military way, to become an appropriate cultural work so the fanatical jihadist to defeat the culture, into the root of their ideology. This will be the actual dead.
Demosthenes Davvetas
University Professor, artist, poet
Advisor to the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, on culture.