” AGAINST DISTRUST” (Εleytheros Typos 09.10.2014)

The Prime Ministers’ incentive for a vote of confidence, as well as the initiation of negotiations, about Presidential elections in February, are inextricably connected. They are based on concrete fundamental principle of Democracy: the support of citizens’ trust.
Trust is the element that all human transactions are based on. Just in thepossibility of losing this trust, words, thoughts, ideas, actions, also decisions, seem fake, just as an empty shirt, as the poet Yiorgos Seferis would have said. When in an emotional association, professional or personal, there is suspicion, nothing goes forward, and everything remains plainly static.
And instead of pleasure and joy of synergy there is dissatisfaction and the sadness of distrust. Something similar occurs in politics as well.
Trust is essential for the citizen – government synergy to work and to advance..
Distrust as a philosophical thought was introduced to Western civilization mainly by Nitse, who used his philosophical hammer in action, and subjected to his critical grinder all the traditional values of cultural ideals. His action was picked and continued by Marx and Freud whereas the first was distrustful towards the bourgeois and the second towards the appearing of the soul’s health. This distrust in 20th century till our days was elevated to the dimension of suspicion. We live in a society of suspicion. We suspect everything and everybody. We are suspicious by definition. We do not escape the suspicion boundaries as to be constantly distrustful. That, as logical as it may sound and for most even realistic, inside it hides the tendency for self punishment, the willing self deprivation of joy, it hides the lack of true warm human relations.
Transferring the above syllogism on the Prime Minister’s dilemma, then it’s easily understood that he renounces distrust and operates with his mind focused on the benefits of a smooth operating Democracy.
Searches trust within the government and among citizens as well, ascertaining to show to society through the positive actions’ realizations, that he keeps the country’s best interest at heart. Only when knowing one’s self well, and only then you can have productive and constructive communication.
Socrates taught us this well. And it appears that the Prime Minister has absorbed this message. His actions aim to solidify the governing body and at the same time to show to society that hardships make you stronger, that hardships can forge strength to citizen’s as they are able to contribute in an energetic and healthy way to the country’s wellbeing aside and beyond the popularize and election seeking of SYRIZA.
Above all for the beneficial outcomes of all the sacrifices that citizens are subject to for the benefit of Democracy

Demosthenes Davvetas