“Civilization and SYRIZA” (Eleftheros Typos 02.10.2014)

“Civilization and SYRIZA”

One fast reading of SYRIZA’s proposals on civilization issues and becomes obvious that the reference axis of the proposal is the additional empowerment of the Civil Sector, as well as the permanent accusation of the capitalist businesspersons. Starting with a pompous accusation of the “united point of view” which as the “cultural imperialism” of US, enforces the “leadership of a globalized trading of culture”, is obvious that points as enemies the globalization and the bad capitalistic consumerism. How, else would be possible to avoid the hurting of particular national and area civilizations? Through the empowerment of the Civil Sector, which in all possible artistic expressions, will play the role of the protector.
As if art and creativity need “protectors” to bloom!
As if, the Civil sector bureaucracy, will contribute, in freeing the artist’s inspiration.
Allow me to laugh out loud and indecently for the above statements.
Art, and every expression of creativity in general, was never evolved through the Civil sector auspices.
On the contrary, they were evolved always within conditions of free expressions, solitude, and dialogism with private persons and businessmen. Gallery owners and collectors are the ones that financed giants like Picasso, Dali, Miro, Dusab Boys, Warhall, Bacon, Bazelists, Kiefer, just to mention a few representatives of the word’s artistic family.
All masterpieces from Picasso’s Guernica to Boys’s “greasy chair” or Dusab’s “lonely machine” were realized by the care nad interest of individuals whom personal passion was combined with their gesture of funding them.
I could, possibly, refer to examples and paradigms from literature, theater, movies, dancing, etc. when masterpieces in these areas were realized by the undertaking of individual sponsors.
Personal taste and preference can create masterpieces. Civil Sector taste creates monstrosities. Like the ones created by social realism and the Soviet which, like Hitler so this one, with Stalinism eliminated geniuses as Malevitch, Popova, and other of the Russian suprematism, just because they were individualist creators and not civil servants.

Civil sector is the enemy of art. Art’s friend, its solid ground, is the need of innovation. This can only take place in a free market where businessmen can fund and sponsor the creation of masterpieces. Gagotzian, Verner, Ments, and so many other gallery owners known the world over, and with them great collectors such as Dr. Max, and others, are the ones who through their personal entreneurship and passion supported and keep on constantly supporting the art, through their amazing and rare collections, they pay for, contributing this way to civilization’s blooming.
The total of art history is a history of uncontrollable passion between the businessman/collector and the art object. There wouldn’t be any artist such as Jefff Kouns, Georg Bazelits, Jan Michel Baskia, if not for their sponsors, such as Bruno Bisofburger, or Michael Verner, who funded their art and their most spectacular productions.
There is no other Way in art but the unique bonding of businessman-artist-artifact. Any other venue that goes through civil sector makes employee artists, bureaucrats and definitely never genius. The civil sector can create infrastructures and that only in special occasions since today the best museums are operating only in collaboration with businesspersons. In the Louvre for example the majority belongs to private individuals. The museum is doing great without deviation from any cultural boundary.
Let SYRIZA understand that their proposal package is lesser, as is their lack of methodology for realizing the cultural outwardness they proclaim. For that, though, another subject to be dealt with, in another article

Demosthenes Davvetas