“Marx and Allah” (article published in Eleftheros Typos 16.10.2014)

“Marx and Allah”

The jihadists in Kurdish Kompani, keep on going despite the US airstrikes. They are not afraid. At the same time through the disclosures of hostage decapitations, they utilize internet and media to transfer a sense of fear to Western world that is discovering that Islam proclaimed war against them. The original notion that these barbaric actions of the jihadists
Were isolated occurrences was abandoned so now European and US newspapers deal with the issue on their cover pages. By taking a look at the Islamist geographical map it depicts that as many as 15 jihadist units are corroborating in their respective locations and act murderously in the name of Allah. Kill and torture in his name. How did we get to this? How hate threatens logic? So far this phenomenon was dealt with utilizing Marxist analyses such as “all religions as peoples’ opium are violent in their initiation”, “Islam hasn’t progressed as it should have”, although numerous efforts took place decades ago, or even that “those countries populous is poor”, so the economic degradation leads to fanatics. In particular the last arguments that are based on poverty as cause for extremism or rejection leading to terrorism, could have been accepted if the jihadist main core was young abandoned poor illiterates, deprived, something reminiscent of modern Muzhiks. But they are not. Most of them, the Islam’s leadership are university students in their countries, (usually born in a Western country) and quite capable of utilizing with dexterity the secrets of communication, mass psychology, IT, and strategy. Their hits are characterized by precision and tactical methods. This realization upsets all the Marxist oriented socializing analyses of the economic factor and points as cause of this barbaric behavior, spiritual, cultural and religion issues. They are possessed by religious fanatism. When in their declaration that they are the only faithful ones and whoever is different is an infidel and as such they should suffer and eliminated, then hate becomes a theological issue. Which is actually the opposite of the Love that Islam preaches? This lack of love, is lack of love to fellow humans and themselves as well. It is hate to fellow humans and to their own shelves. It is an externalized indifference towards history and civilization. It is lack of self respect that mathematically leads to self destruction

Demosthenes Davvetas