“Politics and reality” (Kyriakatiki Eleytherotypia 05.10.2014)

“Politics and reality”

If something was lost in the political life of this country, mainly since 1981 onwards, is its equilibrium relevance to reality. The crisis we are going through in the last years is the epitome of this unbalance. The political lie that citizens so often refer to, is the result of the growing distance from what is called reality and of that that we got accustomed to call reality.
Amongst the necessary measures that have to be taken by Politics and those that have been taken, the lying dynamic often barred useful decision condemning government action to oblivion. This, as a direct result of the Politics being occupied, in party tactics, personal and ideological bubbles, instead of focusing on the true reality that the country needs.
The demystification of the lies and hypocrisies are common symptoms of a problem, whereas the “proper” or “political correct” replaced the truthiness of real.
And is exactly the above attitude that drove the degradation of school education, increase in youth violence, devaluation of values and finally apathy. The educational and economic dead ends, lack of values in youth, the relativity of all values, constant diminishing of stereotypes, that with constant violence destroys the archetypes, which we so badly need as points of reference, lead to ever growing chasm between citizens and Politics. Someone listening the day to day life, listening to the majority of politicians speaking, will realize that political words lost their value. As if everyone lives in a different reality within their own country.
Many will argue that responsibility lies to every government so far. There is a truth in that, although generalizations burry noticeable exceptions. Once more I have to make a point that responsibility rest as much an the opposition parties as well. If you always are negative, by definition, you disagree to everything a government does, you never admit to a single issue which is abnormal, and then you carry the responsibility of blocking any positive undertaking. I would even dare say that opposition parties’ role in destroying our political culture is vast. That has to stop too and politics to regain its proper and honest relationship with reality. Against the stress experienced by the youth (no jobs, no cultural points of reference) lining in a mutated by the crisis society, who incur the laws of globalization as if they are the disinherited victims of worldwide commercialization, against those who lost faith in both present and future, we need a new political language from both ends of the political spectrum. New faces are needed without the twisted conception of everyday reality. Quite the opposite, the new faces need a balanced relation so the words and actions of citizens and politicians will mean exactly the same thing. Only then the politic will receive the podium it deserves, the one it had on its birth time, as expressed by Aristotle. The ability of perfect equilibrium between speech, wish and action.
Demosthenes Davvetas
University Professor, artist, poet
Advisor to the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, on culture