“Strategic error” (Article published in Kyriakatiki Elefterotypia 19.10.2014)

My article,which was published in Kyriakatiki Elefterotypia at 19th October titled:

“Strategic error”
Few days ago the French Defence Minister requested a military intervention in Libya. Suddenly it hit me: isn’t that what happened 3 years ago? Didn’t they intervene, the Westerners, with Sarkozi’s France in leadership role to violently remove Kantafi and reestablish Democracy in the country? What is the point of a second intervention? Common logic suggests that something went amiss with the first one. Still though, Kantafi was ousted, lynched, his system felled apart and power was seized by the Muslim guerillas, the ones that west supported. Once in power what did they do? Exactly what the jihadists know. Murders, crimes, enforced theological laws, plots, and everything else except the establishment of democratic institution. Similar to what happened in Iraq as well, where there is a central government but mst of the country is taken over by Islam fanatics and civil war is a reality. Still, over there the Us this time went over to remove dictator Sadam and establish democracy. Something similar almost happened in Syria whereas the ”West” again, was targeting Assad, and wanted to dismantle the dictatorship and establish democracy. In this case Assad remained but a huge part of the country is taken over by Islam fanatics, with whom also a civil war is going on. In all three occurrences western politics was wrong. A dangerous mistake, which, threatens the geopolitical balance of the area. Kantafi, Sadam and Assad never were enemies of the West. They had renounced terrorism, (Kantafi had actually compensated his victims), the had renounced the use of nuclear weapons, (Kantafi again had brought to light, a dangerous nuclear deal of the Pakistani scientist A.F. Khan), they had gone against, just as the Egyprtian Mumbarac, Islam terrorists, they were stopping the immigrant trafficking between South Sahara and Mediterranean, and in general they were in good terms with the West. It wasn’t them that beheaded hostages, or massacre Jewish youths, in the Toulouse synagogue, or that put the killer bombs in the Paris subway. The ones that did the above are those that one sided proclaimed war on western values . these ones are fanatic Muslims. And it is wrong political strategy of French, British and US, who in the name of their “anti-dictatoric” rhetorical, anp political practice, destroyed three countries. Sometimes is better a westernly sympathizer dictator than a barbarian jihadist. We cannot discuss about democracy with ones that refuse it on ideological, philosophical, institutional and practical levels. Maybe dictators such as Kantafi, Saddam, and Assand tobe opponents, but they are not enemies, at least in today’s political reality. Proper political action would be to reestablish relations with these countries, and pardon their mistakes as it has happened with Saudi Arabia. Good intentions should not be confusing opponents with enemies, the enemy today is only one: jihadism with all the possible facades in its globalixed dimension.

Demosthenes Davvetas