L’exposition de Démosthènes Davvetas ‘’ Photo-Graphies’’ à Marseille12.12.2014

Aujourd’hui l’exposition de Démosthènes Davvetas ‘’ Photo-Graphies’’ à Marseille.

Poète, écrivain, peintre et performer, Démosthènes Davvetas fait dialoguer diverses formes créatives, à l’image de la pensée du poète antique Simonide :
«La poésie est une peinture qui parle et la peinture est une poésie silencieuse».
Démosthènes Davvetas travaille en trois dimensions, qui chacune, porte sa fonction propre, pierre angulaire de ses œuvres pluriformes.

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Today the exposure of démosthènes davvetas ” Photo – graphies ” In marseille.

A poet, writer, painter and performer, démosthènes davvetas fact dialoguer various forms creative, in the image Of thought of the ancient poet simonides:
‘ the poetry is a painting who speaks and paint is a poetry quiet ‘.
Démosthènes davvetas works in three dimensions, which each, door his proper function cornerstone of his works Pluriformes.
In the beginning, there is the poem that bears the words of démosthènes davvetas and that echoes What the subject photographed represents for him and inspires.
Then the photograph of the artist ( warhol, basquiat, for example ), The topic and / or of the landscape, represents the real.
Finally, the painting shows the part of the artistic démosthènes davvetas. She brings its share of abstraction at work, its part silent and intriguing.
For the exhibition ‘ photo – graphie s’ that is spending for the first time the european house of Photography, démosthènes davvetas presents a series of photographic works as well painted, ‘ poétisées ‘, Retouched, to which it gives a new dimension, material and a depth that reflect the extent Its field of art.

Demosthenes Davvetas's photo.
Demosthenes Davvetas's photo.