The Diplomat Mr. Xi Jinping (My article published at Paraskinio 20.12.2015)


The Diplomat Mr. Xi Jinping paraskinio_0

Welcoming the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, on 10 November impressively for the first time, the Prime Minister of China, Xi Jinping, demonstrated a remarkable diplomatic skill. It is no coincidence. Let’s take a look at the progress so far, and it shows that this is the philosophy of the political practice. Despite his refusal on human rights and basic democratic freedoms in his country, as well as his permanent criticism against the Western Values, however, he shows pragmatic and capable identity on his foreign policy. During the G20 Summit in Australia, Mr. Xi Jinping achieved a free trade agreement to conquer new markets with billions of dollars thrown to them. A few days prior to it, he had achieved something similar with South Korea. Correspondingly, he did the same with Burma and at the meeting of the Asian States (APEC). Along with such economic agreements, he also proposed a pact of friendship. Mr. Xi Jinping argues that “China will never destroy the others” and emphasizes “enough to look at history to understand that countries tried and thrived through the power, and failed.” He also stresses that China is dedicated to the service of peace. Besides, almost every economic agreement signed at the same time was also signed with treaty of friendship with each partner country. This attitude of Chinese Prime Minister, though not eliminating the eternal fears of their neighbors especially in Southeast Asia, he manages to mitigate concerns and to impose the constant supremacy of Beijing to a region through the diplomacy of peace, and is ready to become the locomotive of growth in the decades to come. Furthermore, Mr. Xi Jinping cultivates a constant willingness to cooperate with others in different fields. While correcting the immediate ecological risks by agreeing to reduce carbon dioxide or by taking measures to reduce military and aviation risk, Chinese Prime Minister breaks the image of the rigid communist ideologists and shows a smiling face as the Head of State and harmony in the international scene.

Demosthenes Davvetas
Professor, artist, poet
Advisor to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on culture

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