“Homeland and Consciousness’’ ( article published at Elefteros Typos 18.12.2014)

My article, which was published at Elefteros Typos December 18th, titled “Homeland and Consciousness’’ Homeland and Consciousness The word “homeland” is a notion that burdens and is often used with different perspectives. Usually this is done based on political beliefs. However despite the polygenic characteristic of the word, there is something in it that remains unchanged. Homeland is the open

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” Cameron and Immigration” (My article, published at Paraskinio 13.12.2014)

My article, which was published at Paraskinio December 13th, titled ” Cameron and Immigration” Many European leaders, particularly in Paris and Berlin, were annoyed by the position of Cameron for curved and controlled immigration, especially that of Eastern Europe. The attitude of the British Prime Minister was characterized rather improper by the political sphere. The oppositions have already gone through

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” Asian and European Diplomacy” (article published at Paraskinio 6.12.2014)

” Asian and European Diplomacy “ On November 4, much to the surprise of the Western countries, China and Japan resumed the political, economic and military dialogue, at the meeting between Chinese President, Xi Jiping, and Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. In September 2014, the Japanese government announced the nationalisation of the Senkaku islands, of which ownership is also claimed

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