Aug 142014

In todays Elefterotipia in the inset “Library” it is dedicated to Demosthenes Davvetas poet, artist and professor at Institut d’ Etudes Superieured des Artes in Paris and expert advisor to the prime minister Antonis Samaras in the aspetcs of culture. It refers in his multifarious personality, which likens him as “homo universiles”. In the inset it is outlined his work as an author, giving soecial weight in his latest poetic collection “In Orfeas mirror” and it is also refered to his critic of study “Marina Abramovitch. The artist is here”. In his interview he highlights the difference between the French rational and to the personal logic, which with the feeling structures the Greek identity. He is living between the two countriew: Frence and Greece and Demosthenes Davvetas has the opportunity to think in an original way for the crisis in Greece, exceeding denunciatory references and proposing the blue as the color of the new Greek reality. As a citizen of the world he is able to talk and meet with other famous arists of the dispresion taking for example Louka Samara and John Kouneli. As an expert advisor to the prime minister he aims with his suggestions to modulation of one outward- looking cultural policy, aiming to show the modern Greek culture



Aug 142014

The culture of SYRIZA 

The Thursday evening of 5th August in the Art café of the Municipal in Corfu promised quality: the singer Fiore- Anastasia Metallinou and the pianist Sakis Kontonikolas will interpret a series of songs by famous Greek composers wit subject the sea. This was an event in the context of the protection of nature. The nature was the foundation of the ancient Greek worldview. In his effort to recognize the nature, the human was obliged to be protected from the unexpected physical reactions of nature and in the same time to incent clothes, homes, work tools and anything else, which afterwards was called civilization. The first historical philosopher Thales and the pre-Socratic wanted to explain the world based on natural elements. Thales said that the begging of the world is in water (the water of the sea, the water of the rain, or on the fluid inside of mother’s belly, where the born of a child starts). So the nature acquired to meanings for the people: first, as a space of action, research and creativity and a second meaning, as a tool that contributes to self- awareness. For the modern since Renaissance and after that period the effort to understand and control the nature in order to serve the good for humans became a politico-philosophical aim. Those things and more akin to that, they wanted to through music to praise the evening of the 5th of August. And the audience was come to feel and experience those things. The wonderful dovetail voice of the performer with the sensitivity of the audience was promising a sweet trip in the country of beauty. And what they heard at the beginning of the event? The responsible of the committee citizens in defense of public property in Corfu (this committee was established at the initiative of the recently elected mayor of Corfu who is coming from the party of SYRIZA), which do not want to equate with SYRIZA, denouncing Prime Minister with an unsightly, wooden and particularly harsh language, which refers to revolutionary phraseology. We emphasize that such actions had no place in the style of the event, which had as only purpose to promote the art. Many were shocked and the artists were disturbed for the capping the experienced. Even though the night was beautiful, thanks to the talent of the musicians, however we all got a sample of how SYRIZA manipulates organizations that are independent, of anti-governmental propaganda. Also we understand what culture means to SYRIZA: as a brutal tool of harsh party propaganda. As an enforcement tool of new-Soviet cultural perception. As a tool that digs vampires of former “socialist realism”. Let’s consider seriously, what would happen if one day SYRIZA take power.

Aug 092014

The American failure in the Middle East 

After the official announcement of the Islamic “Caliphate” inside the official state of Iraq and the weakness of the government of Iraq to disperse the Islamist- Jihadists, it is easy for someone to wonder if the U.S.A. politics the last ten years in Middle East succeed. In the 9th of October at 2002, when John Kerry, the representative of American diplomacy today, senator then, roused the Senate with his belligerent discourse, defending the Iraq war, have advanced the criminal collapse of the Twin Towers in the 11th of September in 2001. This dramatic event got the dimension, in the psychology of Americans, both leadership and citizens, of a collective psychosis, instead of prevailing the dispassionate logic of progressive, which thought that this fact was an individual terrorist act. They followed the logic of new-liberalists, new-preservatives, who lived the Twin Towers attack as the Pearl Harbor syndrome the Second World War. Instead of staying at the tragic human dimension of the event and their very specific geopolitical dimension analyzed it as the kamikaze attack against the American nation. So the psychology which dominated was: the American nation was treated as a person who was insulted, threatened and beaten. And U.S.A. has to answer directly. And their main goal was to beat the opponent definitely. They announced that they are going to disappear all the terrorist organizations from the planet and they declare war on Iraq. At the same time announced their general political plan: expulsion the dictators from Middle East, democratization the countries and finally establishment of lasting peace between Israel and Arabs. Ten years later what they have achieved from their goals? The terrorist outbreaks increased instead of decreased. Syria, Iraq, Libya, the whole Cyrenaica, western Pakistan, north Yemen, northeastern Nigeria, Mali, the desert of Sinai, and Egypt have filled with terrorists cores, who murder innocent civilians and heathens daily, ruthlessly. The democratization of Middle East has failed completely. Because although the dictators was dismissed, like Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Mubarak and etc, but the Islamic terrorist, who took power with no “democratic” sensibilities and sympathies. As for the notorious Israel Arabic peace, it remains and elusive dream that fed out. What comes out of all this? A need for a policy change, because U.S.A. policies the last ten in the Middle East years have failed.

Aug 092014



On  Wednesday  (6/8) at 21:00 in the St. Athanasius Church, Ano Korakiana in Kerkyra i am presenting my work, “Poetry in our lives today”. Well known people from arts will join me.

Aug 022014

Genocide of Christians in Iraq

The Islamic State a few weeks ago was declared by Islamist partisans in a part of Iraq, the proclaimed “Caliphate” has already started showing his real face. Target: Christians of Mosul. Christians of Mosul are obliged or to leave the area, or become Muslims or pay heave capitation tax. At their houses it is written with bold color the letter N, meaning “Nazarene”, a name that was given to Christ. If they don’t do any of the three obligations above, the Christians of Mosul, whose case looks like the behavior of the Nazis against the Jews, they are going to death by decapitation. The person, who puts in place this inhuman measure, is the leader of the Islamist rebels Abu Bakr- al-Baghadi, who is being called Ibrahim, ie Abraham. Instead to leave peacefully together in the name of him, it happens the exact opposite: from 1.000.000 that was before the American attack the Christians of Iraq currently numbers about 400.000. The ongoing violence, terror, threats, tortures and murders and persecutions from the Islamists, have to lead to a constant movement. And if until now this fact was not blatantly obvious but was treacherously, today after the proclamation of the “Caliphate” is tantalizingly visible. Christianity becomes the official enemy. The international community has certain uses once again the brave words. And for so long now he didn’t listen the repeated voices of priests and victims, who was shouting about what happening there today. Although the secretary of United Nations Bak-Ki Moon, just announced the whole thing as a “crime” against humanity, but also the European political leaders raise their voice, however, neither the demonstrations nor the press or the literature, seems to be able to change the climate of these inhuman persecution-genocide issued in recent weeks mainly in Mosul. Did any group massacre awoke more sensitivity of the Christian and civilizes world? And this can be best done after the summer holidays, when we have return from our vacations? But I don’t have the right to continue my ironic tone. Things are serious. Before the crimes become world famous, Christians of Mosul suffered by mass murders and terrorism, let’s react; let’s stop this terrible thing that is coming. In the name of ethnic cleansing become the western intervention in Yugoslavia. Let’s find another way to prevent this heralded genocide.