Apr 102020

Marina Abramović and the quarantine

In one of her famous perphormans Marina Abramović and her then husband oulai, sat back still, with their hair tied for 16 hours.
This totally impressive action taught with its symbolism. The message of stillness fed a number of questions. What did the two visual want to say? Stillness was entrapment, was it an end or a new beginning, a new start?
Oscar Wilde used to say art guides life. If we accept this position, then we can through the action of the oulai-Ampramobits, try to see under another perspective the quarantine. Not to see her as a lock but as a creative stillness.
What does that mean? It means that we are going home, not a house, but we stay at home actively and with optimism. That is, apart from being able to solve some practical issues of everyday life that we raised before, due to obligations, we can also stay mainly company with ourselves. We observe it, we analyze it, we analyze it and of course we think how to correct it.
It is certain and we have already found that some will say that they will have fallen into depression, others that their “system” is being reduced so that they can not then save their energy, others that they will reduce pensions and salaries and so much more. No matter how much someone is involved in them, the point is, not to be turned into a synōmosiologia or a are. As cool as possible, to interpret our “stillness” as a starting point for a new beginning. For a route we will be as careful as the brain.
Not to see “Motionless” as a stagnation.
If we expect others to surprise us then there will be no progress. “Motionless” as in religions or philosophy to become our cleansing, so that more elaphreis with greater stamina and energy we can start a new life.
There is no power in the system if we turn stillness as a starting point as we do with long distance runners as we know at the track games.
Our new start to re-make us active citizens, human rights agencies, but also obligations, Active Patriots, who will defend with a clear mind our country, the environment, our cultural identity, our national roots.
Our new start, to push us to respect ourselves and others, respect for different and allogenous, to push us to become contenders for the best conditions for our health, to support the weak, to develop a strong sense of solidarity, Become Active citizens, active contenders for economic justice, social balance, refusal of the injustices.
So much we can do using the creative stillness of karantinas. From stillness to come our dynamic for passion towards life, not for refusal and passivity. To re-activate our humanity, dream, personal and social improvement.
The virus is offended as the responsible doctors say to our respiratory system. That is, it’s insults our life mechanism. That’s why we want to beat him. Following the hygiene rules proposed by doctors, we simply listen to the rules of science. But we don’t stay there, we don’t stay still trapped. The opposite of stillness we are preparing, to find a new breath, a new dynamic of our lungs and respiratory mechanism, which we always had in us and now due to conditions she woke up and found it.
Let us not just listen to the poor people who often forget the inner and inner needs of people. Let’s listen to both the artists and spiritual people who know how to master the mechanisms of fertile aulótētas and intellectual fertility.
Let’s open our ears to art, let’s open our hearts to it. And let us remember the words of the great poet Fernando Pessoa who said that, the fact that art always continues to exist, is the proof that life alone is not enough.
Demosthenes Dabbetas Professor of philosophy of art, poet, visual artist.
Apr 022020
Korōnvirus and the end of 3 ideologies.
Against the threatening dimensions of korōnoiou neither panic nor dictatorship of the emotions can help. Obviously the various government bans, but also quarantine, are good decisions regarding citizen s’ health. However, every form of restriction that is made in the process, as much as an immediate necessary solution, is certainly not the long-term correct answer for everything.
This is because, if the imprisonment starts to be done for good, then it can lead to devastating economic, social and psychological results.
They can be caused along the way, by unpredictable riots, prison prison prisoners, robberies, suicide, domestic violence etc.
Everything shows that if we only take a defensive, passive attitude to korōnoiou, the economic crisis, which will be greater than 2008, will be devastating.
Commercial activity needs to resume. With the state being able to throw a lot of money into the economy. However, the tax-free state mechanisms, without an input of taxes, are going to go bankrupt. How will they help people? How will it be when “staying inside” helps in immediate protection, and right, but if it takes dimensions of imprisonment, can it cause greater harm than korōnoio?
So what should we do? What strategy should we follow?
After all, we are at “war”. and we must follow war tactics. Which means that in the first place a series of essential measures must be started immediately. Some are already done. But what are the rest we need to move more steady and actually in social and social protection?
I believe we should have proper information about drug use. To be able to use the medical data of each of us by doctors. And mostly mandatory tests so that the virus positive gets into special medical care. Antimolynsēs groups should also be created with specific cleaning tools in public areas. That’s all for a health base.
But it also needs political planning.
Only by imprisonment will not escape the governments, neither the yellow yellow, nor the problems or problems. Social Wrath is great, brewing and waiting. Just delay the epidemic is not politically the solution of the problems by governments.
The famous loimōxiologos doctor of Marseille Rault agrees that the imprisonment alone will lead to a huge financial disaster. He even proposed and imposed the use of chlōrokinē, as one of the powerful therapeutic ones, since he has already treated too many in his clinic. With Chlōrokinē you can get well without applying to everyone.
Trump, however, followed the rault protocol. The famous doctor suggests mandatory tests so that we have a comprehensive picture of the citizen s’ situation. After all, this test method has already been tested effectively in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea.
So a mass test would help. So that those who are positive start treatment and the economy is not destroyed by stillness.
But what needs to be said is that, the crisis of the crisis will be 3 among other political consequences. It will mean the end of 3 ideologies. Chinese Communism, of, and globalisation.
Kk China will not come out of the crisis. The way to feed Chinese with wild animals eating them live has created problems in the global diet.
The’s ideology as an ideal and an end in itself failed. The Italians are putting down European flags and raise those of China or China. There’s nothing left then but an emergency pragmatism.
As far as globalisation is concerned, the idea of division of work went so far that it showed the weaknesses of this ideology. When, for example, the eu produces 80 % of its medicines outside the EU, this is unacceptable. Because in times of crisis it cannot serve its citizens and it is up to others.
So what can be done?
Certainly a anabiomēchanopoiēsē, through economic patriotism and strategic protectionism. Not for the whole society to get into a mess and collapse the economy. We need a special foreign investment mechanism for economic regeneration. But I will come back to the future with a new article on it.